Blood Test

Cells, chemicals, proteins, and other components in the blood are measured or examined using blood tests. One of the most popular forms of lab tests is blood testing, generally known as blood work. Blood tests are frequently performed as part of a routine checkup. In addition, blood tests are used to:

  • Assist in the diagnosis of certain diseases and disorders.
  • A chronic disease or condition, such as diabetes or excessive cholesterol, should be monitored.
  • Determine whether or not a disease's treatment is effective.
  • Examine how well your organs are functioning. Your liver, kidneys, heart, and thyroid are among your organs
  • assist in the diagnosis of bleeding or clotting issues
  • Check to see whether your immune system is having difficulty battling infections.

Blood tests can also be used by your doctor to look for disease and health-related markers, such as diabetes, HIV, anaemia, cancer, and coronary heart disease.A blood test can reveal whether or not a person is at risk of developing heart disease, even if they do not have it. Other blood tests can determine whether or not the meds you're taking are effective, as well as how well your blood clots.

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Blood Test