Lung Function

Lung function tests (also known as pulmonary function tests) are a group of tests that assess how effectively the lungs are functioning. Such asSpirometry, This test determines how much air the lungs can store. The test also assesses how quickly and strongly one can expel air from the lungs. Lung function test is lung volume testing. It measures the volume of air in the Lung function tests come in a range of shapes and sizes.The following are the details:

  • Spirometry. It determines how much and how quickly air may enter and exit your lungs.
  • Lung volume testBody plethysmography is another name for it. This test determines how much air you can keep in your lungs and how much air remains after you have exhaled as much as you can
  • Gas diffusion test. The movement of oxygen and other gases from the lungs to the bloodstream is measured in this test
  • Exercise stress test. Stress test with exercise the purpose of this test is to see how exercise affects lung function.
Lung Function